What is The Medicine Way course?

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Coaching

Are you interested in becoming a psychedelic facilitator or guide? Or perhaps you want to coach others around the experience of microdosing. The interactive project Slow Medicine,  is guideship and coaching training I created for those who are seeking something more than just a nuts and bolts program.. As an entheogenic guide and coach I would often see clients who felt that they were unable to share their desire to microdose with or have a psychedelic journey with their other health providers. At the same time an increasing number of therapists, nurses, body workers and other health providers were also reaching out to me, wanting to know more about entheogenic guidework. I was getting a lot of the same questions from so many healers, I decided to use my background in education to design a course.

I designed this course from my experience as a guide, my work with other leaders and mentors, shamanic traditions and deep inner knowledge of the medicine itself. The Slow Medicine Course began as “Psychedelics for healers” an in-person class, in the living room of a friend and therapist. A group of professional caregivers met weekly and discussed topics such as preparation and vetting, shamanic and clinical perspectives, legality, working with distress, and integration. The experience was beyond what I could have expected. By nature of the depth of the topics we discussed the group developed a deep bond and a safe container to talk about consciousness and healing as well as personal development.

The questions people asked in the group inspired me to dive into more research, learn more and share more perspectives. As interest in the course grew outside of my local community and the shadow of the pandemic spread over the world, I moved the circle online. I still felt strongly that it was important to maintain a grassroots-feeling course and create a container of safety and intimacy.

The classes are kept small and they are interactive, requiring live participation, so that the healers in each cohort can learn from one another and create community. I also value different voices and perspectives in the space and have brought in other speakers in the field to bring a diversity of perspectives.

As more and more people learn about the healing power of psychedelics, there is an increased need for trained guides and professionals with knowledge and skill in this area.

There are other training programs in the psychedelic world right now, many with great merit. Some of the programs require a huge investment of time and money, which makes them inaccessible to many working professionals. Furthermore, a lot of healing professionals already possess many of the skills necessary for psychedelic guideship and to support clients on their own journeys. These healers simply need a framework to begin, and this is what Psychedelics for Healers offers.

Many who feel called to work with entheogens as a healing tool, cannot wait two years and invest $10,000 or $30,000 or more to realize that calling. Psychedelic Guideship for Healers is an affordable alternative for skilled healers who wish to work with or advise their clients in this growing field.

Here is what I believe makes my program valuable and unique:

  • Small cohort sizes creating intimacy and community
  • Pre-registration interviews with each participant to insure an environment where everyone is comfortable
  • Inclusive practices and invitation into personal inquiry
  • Honors and respects Indigenous traditions without promoting appropriation
  • Encourages individuality and values the gifts of each participant
  • A balance of shamanic, ancestral, and clinical perspectives
  • Encourages healers to trust themselves and use intuition and their own gifts rather than imposing a formula for guidework
  • Useful information and documents for creating a successful guidework or psychedelic informed practice
  • 1:1 coaching from an experienced guide
  • Ongoing community meetings where participants can support one another and discuss issues

Now in its fifth cycle, I am currently accepting applications for the next cohort for the Psychedelic Guideship for Healers course. It is open to professionals currently working in a healing or caregiving capacity.

For more information on the course, including dates for live (virtual) class meetings, click here.

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