My Story

About Sarah Hope

20 years ago, quite by coincidence, I heard the call of plant medicine. I was fresh out of college and a single mother with two young children at home. I was earning extra money as a conversational Spanish tutor for adult professionals. One of my clients was a psychiatrist who sought my services so he could learn from a group of healers in Peru. The things he told me were life changing. He spoke of medicines in the jungle with spirits that could heal and teach. I was astonished. He was speaking to a part of me that had always known something I just couldn’t quite put into words.

The whisper of an invisible world. 


I read every book he recommended and everything else I could get my hands on. I learned about shamanism, meditation, ceremony and communion with spirit. 


I learned but kept my distance from the actual teacher plants. 


I was a bit scared I might change- I needed to raise my daughters first. I couldn’t risk the unknown.


Not yet. 


So I waited a long, long time. I did my best at everything. I got a respectable career that I thought would please my parents and gain me the approval of society. 

I tucked the mysteries of the plants and their spirits in secret space in my mind, but they called once again. This time my daughters were older and I was ready. My respectable life had drained me physically and mentally. I was frequently ill with undiagnosable illnesses and exhausted all the time. An old sports injury had turned into frightening neuropathy and pain.


When offered a myriad of medical interventions from tricyclics to opiates I finally turned instead to the plants. 


That changed everything. It was as if they were saying “much time has passed for you, but we are still here.” I felt like I had returned from a long arduous journey and finally landed at home in my body. 

I knew then that I no longer belonged in the mainstream. I recognized my part in the destructive machine of modern institutions and knew my path was to guide others back to themselves. 

I took the leap and let myself be taught by the plants and the fungal medicines. Along the way I studied with human teachers too as well as own body. I trained as a Nature Connected coach and studied the brain. 

It is now my absolute passion to weave together the wisdom of nature, the visible and the subtle worlds to guide others back to their true nature.

If you would like to work with me or attend one of my trainings.  (let’s talk box to book a discovery session.)

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