Empowered Conversations Around Psychedelics For Parents and Guardians

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Psychedelics

We all know our children may be exposed to psychedelic substances at some point in high school or college. Research around the heavily funded abstinence campaigns such as D.A.R.E clearly showed that these programs did not stop teens and young adults from using drugs – yet as parents we know that the ‘drug’ conversation still needs to be had.

Most of us would rather have our children be able to talk with us about their experiences or curiosities so that we can help them to have a better experience or even choose to wait.

In this presentation I will talk about many of the psychedelic substances young people may encounter. I will discuss safer practices, harm reduction, holistic recovery techniques as well as possible interactions and effects and which substances are better avoided altogether and why. I will also cover some ways to talk to the young people who trust us about how to make sense of their experiences and successfully integrate back into everyday life.

It is important to reiterate that this presentation is not to encourage or promote the use of illicit drugs. it is simply to empower and equip parents and guardians with knowledge. I will also provide access to 4-week course on this subject as well as individual coaching at discounted price.

Online event via webinar

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