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Create The Life You Knew You Were Meant To Have

  • Have you always sensed there was something more than the reality you were taught to trust? 

  • Maybe you were that kid on the playground staring past the fence, certain there was more than meets the eye 

  • Imagining how you could sneak off the bus every time you passed a forest on the way to school

  • Maybe you appeared to fit in with the others but secretly felt different.

  • You’ve always been bored with small talk.

  • Maybe you felt somehow that the world around you was somehow conscious and aware of your presence. 

  • Maybe while others around you consumed plant medicines and sacred molecules for recreation, you held back knowing intuitively that there was a different way. 

  • Or maybe the first time you tried a plant medicine, others were carrying on with the party but you suddenly knew that there was sentience all around you. 

  • Just for that moment you understood that you were right all along.

  • You’ve been successful at least on paper, you’ve ticked off all the boxes and yet part of you is restless, longing to reconnect with the mystery.

  • Maybe you know you have nothing to prove but are capable of much more than you’ve been able to express in your life so far.

  • I get it deep down in my core.

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My offerings

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Shamanic Journeys

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Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

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My story

20 years ago, quite by coincidence, I heard the call of plant medicine. I was fresh out of college and a single mother with two young children at home. I was earning extra money as a conversational Spanish tutor for adult professionals.


One of my clients was a psychiatrist who sought my services so he could learn from a group of healers in Peru. The things he told me were life changing.


He spoke of medicines in the jungle with spirits that could heal and teach. I was astonished. He was speaking to a part of me that had always known something I just couldn’t quite put into words.

Beautiful Landscape


Sarah is extremely knowledgeable of plant-based medicine. She gave me an understanding of how to use this powerful, natural medicine for deep healing from psychological, physical, spiritual and any other concerns. 

She has a gentle kind way of teaching and created a warmth and connection for all of us over Zoom!

I highly recommend her trainings!


Kim T. MA. Psychotherapist