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We are all of the earth and just like all other living things we have a unique purpose in this life. When people can truly feel their interconnectedness, their context in the great scheme of things tends to emerge naturally.


I often coach in nature, helping clients to grow their intuition and hear the subtle messages waiting for us there. Together as coach and client, we work with the natural rhythms of the earth and its cycles so that change feels easy and natural, rather than difficult and tedious.

Coaching Services

Microdose coaching

Microdosing is a powerful life practice that has the potential to help you overcome many life’s challenges including anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, self-critical thought loops and so much more. Microdosing can also help you access greater creativity, better problem solving and an increased feeling of connection and joy in life.

This practice can take a little work to get right. I have been helping people navigate microdosing successfully since 2017. 


Through coaching I can help you:

  • Create intentions and track your progress

  • Achieve the right dosing for you and optimize your mind-body experience

  • Work with new insights and find clarity in your life

  • Help you realize your true potential 



$200/hour 650/month (4 weekly sessions) 1-3 months recommended

Nature Connected Coaching

Nature Connected Coaching is the process of using nature to figure out your life and your context in the presence of the oldest, wisest and most successful entity there is, our own environment. Through nature based coaching, I can help you to use and recognize the subtle signs and signals in nature to find wisdom and purpose in your life. 


Nature Connected Coaching can happen remotely or in person if you are local to the Colorado area or wish to pay me a visit. 


We can also weave nature based coaching into a microdosing protocol. 



  • Single session 2 hours-in a beautiful natural setting we choose together. $300

  • Day long microdose day in nature: 6 hours. $800

Psychedelic Mentorship

Personalized psychedelic mentorship

  • If you are a healer or a therapist looking to weave psychedelic or plant medicine work into your work, I can help you:Learn how to decide who to work with and determine when the timing is right

  • Navigate the experience of preparation for a journey (for yourself and for your clients)

  • Develop your own unique style of holding space

  • Help your clients integrate the psychedelic journey experience so that they can do the work to process the healing potential they recognize during a medicine ceremony


$200/hour $650/month

Classes and Group Coaching

Medicine Woman Mastery Program

  • Have you heard the call to healing with consciousness and soul-awakening medicine? If you are seeking guidance, or if you have already had training in guideship or tripsitting and are seeking ongoing support, this year-long program divided into seasons, may be for you. 

  • This program, which consists of a growing community of advanced medicine workers, includes two intimate, monthly group meetings with a carefully curated community of medicine women.  You will:

  •  Learn to work with the powerful energies of the wheel of the year, gaining wisdom with each season

  • Learn Partswork and nature connected practices that can strengthen you as a healer

  • Learn magical boundary-creating tactics and ways to keep your energy clear and strong as a practitioner

  • Have a safe harbor of community for the challenges you face in your healing practice 

  • Workshop your practice and share ideas with other wise women

  • Be witnessed and heard as the healer you truly are


$523/month /3 months $1500/ Full year $5500 (Available starting January 2022)

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Conscious Microdosing Group Coaching

Starting in November 2021: 


Group microdosing coaching course where you will: 
Learn the basics of microdosing for personal practice

Meet bi-weekly with a small community to achieve your personal goals

Evolve your personal relationship with consciousness




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