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Since choosing the path of earth medicine path, my life has developed such a deep sense of meaning. Over the summer I, along with Nicole Lilly, a practitioner who I deeply love and trust, developed the Medicine Keeper program, a way to illuminate the path of those who are called to this line of work.

The crisis point of a traumatized society has called forward those who have healed and are ready to hold space for the next wave of collective healing and understanding. And I feel called to hold space for them, those who have heard and answered to call to hold space. This is my dharma and my work in the world.

This September our very first cohort met and together we created the living experience of the Medicine Keeper. It was magical and challenging, and it changed my world. If I had previously had any doubt, I now know for certain that lighting the way for healers is what I am here on earth to do. From this experience we created the Medicine Keeper School.

As I grow and walk the path of the medicine woman, I continue with my own initiations. These are the very ones that keep me humble, magical and in sacred connection and honor of my ancestors and the medicine woman of old. In October right after the inaugural Medicine Keeper training, Nicole and I took a journey to visit my teachers in San Jose del Pacifico for a three day healing of the womb with a group of sisters. We engaged in the many important layers of ritual required before being allowed to meet the sacred medicine.

From there I made my way to Mexico City where I prepared for and was ultimately initiated in the Aztec Danza de La Luna. This was no easy feat. Along with four-hundred other women, I camped in the wilderness, fasting for 4 days, dancing, singing and drumming through the night and bathed with fire twice daily in the temazcal ceremony. This pushed me to my edge, there were times when I thought I might not make it, but each trial pulled me further and led to deeper revelations. I’ve had many plant journey’s that brought me to the brink of ego death and now I have met it with a willingness to challenge physical death and come out victorious.

There was no external medicine in this journey aside from sacred tobacco. Yet there were visions and knowings and healings on a scale I have never known. This is how I know, the medicine is us, it is the gift and the challenge of this life, right now on this planet. It’s about so much more than psychedelics. It’s about our way of dancing, and weaving with the gift of this life.

This is why we created the Medicine Keeper way. We offer it humbly only to those who truly feel ready. You will know. I trust this.

As we come into the dark period of winter and the veil thins, like our ancestors, we are called to look inwards to the spirit. If your spirit has guided you here. I am humbled yet strong and ready to meet you.

Learn more about the Medicine Keeper School and decide if it is right for you.


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