Why Forest Medicine?

Maybe you are searching in the branches for what is only found in the roots.


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Third Wave Certified Microdose Coach


Sarah Hope is a Certified Nature Retreat Leader

Microdose Coaching

We are all of the earth and just like all other living things we have a unique purpose in this life. When people can truly feel their interconnectedness, their context in the great scheme of things tends to emerge naturally.


I often coach in nature, helping clients to grow their intuition and hear the subtle messages waiting for us there. Together as coach and client, we work with the natural rhythms of the earth and its cycles so that change feels easy and natural, rather than difficult and tedious.

You may have heard of microdosing.

There is a lot of buzz around the topic of microdosing, or using sub-perceptible amounts of psychedelic substances to evoke creative or flow states, and help anxiety and depression.

Certain psychedelics can create states of neuroplasticity, a state in which the brain is flexible and receptive to new types of learning and training.

There is also often a sense of increased ease with the self and a sense of natural interconnectedness.

But it is not about the medicine, it's about you. You are the medicine, my job is to help you return to your most natural and magical state of being. 


Creating the life you knew you were meant to have.

Do you feel that there is untapped potential in your life? I can help you bring it forth into reality.

I offer a unique approach to coaching in which together we  work in nature to identify road blocks, limiting beliefs and conditioned responses that can be keeping you from the highest expression of yourself.

In nature connected life coaching, we work together to optimize and align and harmonize the state of your body, mind, and spirit to create the perfect conditions for your true potential to emerge.

I teach and coach people around this process.

Coaching can help individuals who have chosen this route to maximize its potential for healing and and realizing goals.

I’ve studied with experts in this field and worked with hundreds of clients and I educate clients around the safest uses and setting the conditions for lasting and beneficial change.


Creating the life you knew you were meant to have.

Finding purpose and connection

Mentorship and community

Guiding others to lead with confidence and grace

Creating personally meaningful ceremony

Self-realization through nature connection

Education around plant medicine

Find the other.

- Timothy Leary

For more information, contact us at Forestmedicinecoaching@gmail.com